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Acquire a thorough knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator, enabling you to design graphics for print AND WEB applications, culminating in a professional portfolio.
Program Details
Program Length: 2 years
Credential Earned: Associate's Degree in Graphic Design
Number of Graphics Courses:
Program Description: Cover the essentials and specifics of graphic design, including:
  • Print advertising
  • Publication design
  • Computer graphics
  • Multimedia design
  • Web design
  • Flash animation
  • Layout design
  • Digital Imaging
  • And more!
Credential: Associate's Degree in Graphic Design

Program Outline

Course #:

Course Title:
CPT 101

GRD 101
Computer Applications

Basics of Graphic Design
GRD 102

GRD 103
Principles of Design

Design Layout
GRD 104 Typography
GRD 105 Multimedia Design
GRD 203 Publication Design
GRD 201

GRD 204
Digital Layout

Principles of Computer Assisted Design
GRD 206 Web Design for Graphic Designers
GRD CAP Capstone: Portfolio

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Academic Calendar

Spring 2017 Semester:
February 20, 2017

Summer 2017 Semester:
July 3, 2017

Fall 2017 Semester:
Oct. 16, 2017

Is Graphic Design for you?
See what the designers have to say:

How would you describe the field of graphic design?
Zehava: Graphic design is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas. The designer works with a variety of communication tools in order to convey a message from a client to a particular audience.

Where are graphic designers employed?
Yossi: Just about everyone in the business world needs a graphic designer to design for them. Graphic Design firms, freelance at home, ad and marketing agencies, publishers, non-profit organizations, school offices... the list is endless.

Can graphic designers work from home and/or set their own hours?
Yehudis: Yes. That is one of the unique qualities of the field. Graphic Designers can work from home for anyone in the world on their own terms: price, hours...

What talents or abilities are useful to graphic designers?
Sara: Creative.
Zehava: Computer Savvy and Detail oriented.
Yossi: Critical thinker.
Meir: Good team player.
Ruth: Works well under pressure.

What is the demand for graphic designers?
Sara: Everyone is need of a graphic designer. From the smallest project such as a business card, to cereal boxes, book covers, or large billboards, a designer is behind it all. The demand is great... although there is a lot of competition.

How do the courses in our program effectively prepare people for employment as graphic designers?
Professor Goldi Thalheim: Naaleh's courses target every aspect of the field. The courses teach the basics of graphic design such as color theory, typography and layout design which are necessary in every design project. After the student learns the basics, assorted topics are taught such as publication design, web design and multimedia design to ensure the student is knowledgeable and prepared for any project they are given.

What do you love most about being a graphic designer?
Ruth: It's exciting. I love that the work is always different and new. I'm always creating and brainstorming in order to come up with something unique. The work isn't boring or repetitive.
Yehudis: One other point that keeps the job from becoming tedious is that it requires brain power. Good design requires thought and intuition- even an understanding of psychology comes into how you can portray what the client is offering in a way that is most interesting, appealing, and ultimately successful.
Meir: I am not only working – I am helping people by transforming their concepts into beautiful and attractive designs.
Yossi: I love the variety. In one day I can create a brochure, design a web page, and come up with a label for a new candy box. I get to know many industries as I work to best promote their products.
Sara: I feel that I am helping other people through my creative abilities. The appreciation from satisfied clients is very rewarding.
Zehava: I like recognizing my own designs in the most unlikely places!

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