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Naaleh College is an independent post-secondary school licensed by the Florida Department of Education's, Commission for Independent Education. The Florida Department of Education has approved Naaleh College's courses and programs, and recognizes our Bachelor's and Associate's Degrees.

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Naaleh College is currently not accredited.  For details about Naaleh College's plans for accreditation, contact


Will I be able to transfer Naaleh College credits to other institutions?

The transferability of all college credits is solely at the discretion of the receiving institution.  Naaleh College cannot guarantee transfer of credit, and it is each student's responsibility to confirm whether or not credits will be accepted by another institution.

We are confident that our programs and courses conform to high academic standards which will be acceptable to other schools.  As students take our courses and submit them for transfer to other institutions, we will post the names of institution who have accepted Naaleh College credits.

Can I transfer Judaic Studies and other credits to Naaleh College?  

Naaleh College will accept credits that meet the school's standards.  Classes offered by accredited institutions, Israeli yeshivot and seminaries, and some advanced high school courses are eligible for credit.  In addition, schools who have signed an articulation agreement with Naaleh College may offer Naaleh College credits for some of their courses.

Student may transfer credits earned and transferred from other postsecondary institutions, when congruent and applicable to Naaleh's program, and when validated and confirmed by Naaleh College.  Credits can also be earned upon successful completion of challenge examinations or standardized tests demonstrating learning at the credential level in specific subject matter areas.

Prior learning, as validated, evaluated, and confirmed by qualified instructors at Naaleh, can also earn credits.

Up to 75% of a program's credits can be transferred from other institutions to Naaleh College.

Statement of Ownership: Naaleh College is a subsidiary of Beis Midrash Queens, a registered 501-c3 not-for-profit educational and charitable organization.
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